tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Life - a strange and lovely thing!

What about life? What´s life?

How do you define your life? Do you living you dream? If not - why?

Sometimes I get this kind of life-thinking-questions, I just notice my existence, when i´m ask myself about life....

Hee- I know it sounds a little bit crazy and odd, but hey I think it´s important to think about life and what´s about life....

For me, there´s a few things, to get a good life:

- Live by the day and enjoy the day - full!
-Don´t think to much (was that wrong, did I said the right thing, can I say NO, can I say yes etc.)
- Love your family and keep in touch!
- Don´t argue, more than you need to!
- Enjoy food
- Live you dream!
- Be proud and happy for your body
- Development- is the key to change 'boring' life routines

Enjoy life!


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