måndag 23 januari 2012


Yesterday, i woke up to a snowy Stockholm...beautiful...but now I longing for spring to come. Bye bye snow!

A Coffee is 'a must' after breakfast, lunch and dinner in Sandy life. The Coffee is like the oil in the car.

Jade, my assistant during the training manage to lift the handlebars, and after we had big problems to get it back. But with a little extra girl power so it went.
Learning: Do not touch things you can not handle

I know what you´re thinking right now: Sandy can you please try to take better pictures. YES, I will try. But i often take pictures in a hurry...that´s why. Sorry for that, shape up!

Now i´m back in Gothenburg, always nice to sleep in my own bed. This week I will start choreographing to my children and youth classes, at the hospital, that starts next week. Saturday i´m going to Skåne (Southern Sweden), Motiva Sportclub and teach to promotion classes, BODYJAM® and SH´BAM™ and my colleague Leon Hobro will teach two classes as well, CXWORX™ and BODYCOMBAT®.

Ciao /Sandy

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