måndag 6 augusti 2012

Breakfast date!

Today I had early, as in EARLY,  breakfast guests at home. My cute, dear and lovable friends Johanna and Märta that I haven´t seen for a looooong time came to visit me. Or yeah, I see them quite often but only at the gym - they both work at Sportlife. 

6.55 this morning, I  parked outside the 'DAHLS baklucka' to buy fresh bread for the ladies. They open at 7, but as the 'BAKLUCKA' is so popular it´s important to be there on time - If you want to buy the freshest bread and also choose the varieties you like most....of course you want. It´s like walking around in a candy store. Love the smell of fresh bread! ;-)

Then I went home with illefart (don´t know the english word for illefart...  ) to serve them breakfast. SO cozy...

Naaw my sweet girls!

I think i need a nap now :) 

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