fredag 21 september 2012


Today is the day, I'm full time in my pregnancy, which feel awesome and sad at the same time. As I wrote last week, I am so looking forward to meet my baby and to get going with my training BUT at the same time, I love my belly and I love the thrill of being pregnant :) It's not easy....
So as the fact, that we can become parents anytime we want to take this opportunity to celebrate with a bombastic-fantastic dinner this happy friday. 

The ingredients for today's dinner: Fillet of beef with white truffle oil and of course a lot of good vegetables. 

For dessert: Swedish Marängsviss - marängsuisse,Eton Mess, Meringue suisse...A beloved child has many names. Today, I serve it with homemade meringues. 

And look what I found in the grocery shop: Organic chocolate sauce made ​​from all-natural ingredients, almost fat free and have a low GI, because they have replaced sugar to agave syrup. 

Any plans for 2night? 

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