onsdag 30 november 2011

Bad update!

I know! Busy....busy....and busy!

Movement In Flow work, Sportlife work, LM assessments, QWs preparation (Team-Teach tomorrow with Pernilla Icequeen, one on friday and one QW on sunday!) Now, on my way to Sportlife Exclusive and pick up Pernilla, lunch and QW prep!

See you soon folks!

måndag 28 november 2011

Miss you!!

Missing my favourite jammers tonight! Hope I'll see you on wednesday!

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Welcome Anja

Yesterday we were with my mother and father in law at a dog breeder.
Tomas mom would actually buy from another dog breeder but found a breeder in Asa, who had a she-dog left so we went to Åsa yesterday and picked her up.

Welcome to our family sweet Anja. (The dog is actually named after an opera - Aniara, which all her dogs are and the breeder had 9 adult dogs and now, after we bought Anja, 2 puppies.)

Anjas mom, Carmen. (opera name, of course :) )

In the evening we went and cleaned and washed our cars.

Sweet monday pepz!

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söndag 27 november 2011

Sunday is here!!!

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lördag 26 november 2011

Christmas atmosphere

Today, i baked gingerbread-muesli, muffin (word???) and swedish chocolate balls (yes, again).

Sandy VS housewife :-)

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Sweet friday!

Yesterday we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent, yeah i know it was friday yesterday and not sunday. But sometime it's funny to have something to celebrate for....like "let's celebrate, it's soon christmas"

A surprise before dinner to Tompa, Inger and Jeppe from Sandy :-)


Today: Lazy Saturday :-)

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fredag 25 november 2011

Rawfood Chokladboll "Chocolate ball"

3 cup dates (pitted)
3 cup almonds or cashews
2 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
2-3 tablespoons cocoa
For the one who love coffee: pour in 2-3 tablespoons cooled coffee.
1 tablespoon agavesyrup (You can also use honey)

Mix everything in a food processor. (Your sweet little kitchenAid...or, i think you can use your blender, as well.). The batter most be sticky. Roll into small balls and than roll the balls in coconut flakes. Swedish chokladboll, yum yum!!

torsdag 24 november 2011

Årets förebild!

Att vara nominerad till årets förebild är stort. Jag måste säga att jag är otroligt smickrad och rörd av denna nominering. Det betyder enormt mycket. Vill du rösta på mig, gör du det här:

Klicka in på Guldhjärtat längst upp till vänster och sedan rösta. Om du inte har tid/möjlighet eller helt enkelt inte vill rösta på de andra kategorierna så kan du bara klicka 'gå vidare' längst ner. När du är färdig trycker du på 'spara'.

TACK för din röst fina du!

onsdag 23 november 2011


You can create Fitness Magic everytime and everywhere. Even if you are in a basement!

Today I made a comeback as an cycle instructor, after an absence of three years. I think i did a good job, but hey, no one said it would be so hard....god! went straight to Sportlife and taught a BODYJAM class. Phuuu!!

Look what i have done; swedish chokladboll- "chocolate ball" Alright this is not a normal chocolate ball it's a RAWFOOD chocolate ball, healthy and super good.

Recipe coming tomorrow folks..

Sweet dreams or have a great day!

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Ge bort en julklapp till utsatta barn och ungdomar!


Hundratals barn tillbringar julen på kvinnojourer, barnhem och andra allmänna institutioner runt om i Göteborg. Tillsammans med Allwin hjälper Gothia Towers och Svenska Mässan för femte året i rad till att sprida julglädje bland dessa barn genom att samla in julklappar.
Den 1-23 december kommer en stor julklappssäck stå uppställd i Gothia Towers hotellobby dit du är välkommen med din inslagna julklapp. Vänligen märk paketet med vilken ungefärlig ålder den passar till samt flicka eller pojke.

Eng: Gothia Towers arranges a Christmas-gift-collection for vulnerable children and youths. You decide what you want to buy and what it will cost. You can also make a difference, buy a gift and make one or two children happy this Christmas.

Such a clever idea.

tisdag 22 november 2011


I'm ready to work hard and strong!!!

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måndag 21 november 2011

Good monday

Homemade meatballs and cauliflower puree....

Before class- not the best studio, but it worked very well and i'm satisfied :)

Happy me :)

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New week!

As you already know, I have a collaboration with the municipality of Mölndal and this week i am responsible for a 'wellness' week. I will offer four classes in the town hall, for those who are employed in the service management. Looking forward to spread the love, inspire and motivate.

Today i will also focus on:

- Assessments all day long
- BODYJAM 59 practice

Pssst....4 weeks and 5 days to Christmas Eve! :)

söndag 20 november 2011

How u doing?

Today's activity: ikea and lunch in the forest.

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fredag 18 november 2011


I must have been a chef in my former life........yum yum yum

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Powerwalk before dinner!

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Well done!

See...what a cutie!!!
So little but so smart :) A good and cheap worker.

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Versace for sandy

Versace is the guest designer at hm, this fall, and the collection was released yesterday. I think it was a 'strange' collection - didn´t like the clothes as much that i thought i would do, but of course i needed to buy something, shopaholic - no, just love leggings :) What do you think about the leggings? Cool ehy?

It took me an hour to carry out the purchase on HM´s website, so i´m worth it :)

(pic. borrowed from my Les Mills colleague Oscar Jöback)

BODYPUMP® 80 IS IN THE HOUSE!!! Yesterday we did the whole release, ouch :) Love the release!
Happy Birthday, 20 year!!!

Made dinner for me and my love. Pork tenderloin, baked root vegetables (potatoes, beetroot, carrots, onions, cauliflower), Brussels sprouts and gravy. Yumyum!

Friday, i´m in love!
Plans for the weekend?

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torsdag 17 november 2011

Hard work, pays off?

The days just disappears and when I think about it is just five weeks and two days before Christmas Eve. So much I wanted to do this fall (private things - not job), but realize that I have had time for nothing- nada--ingenting-nichts-rien! It makes me sad, but on the other hand - my business is doing well ( I can live and enjoy good things in life. Food, shopping, travel etc.) and that was one of my goal doing fall 2011.

"Hard work, pays off"

Get me right, i´m not SAD, but just a little disappointed, because I love my family and friends and love to hang out with them. Hope spring will be more structured. It will be, i´m sure!
I love my work, that´s not the point, just need more structure....i´m my own boss and that´s both good and bad, if you now what i mean ;-)

Happy Sandy, again :)
Love Life!

tisdag 15 november 2011


Struggling to get well! Yesterday i went to my mum and dad's house, to celebrate 'father's day". As my dad was sick, me, mum and bro went out for a powerwalk, instead. During a powerwalk I love to talk about life, but this time I had to be content with listening - difficult to speak without a voice :)

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måndag 14 november 2011


Went to Malmo with fever and left Malmo with no voice. And then you ask yourself, how did the weekend go? G R E A T :)
Of course, I don´t recommend anyone to work with flu and fever, but this time we did´t have a choice - all the trainers in Nordic were busy, lucky me...heee.

So we did a restructuring during the master class , which worked very well. The participants got the chance to shadow their tracks -I talked and had the headset....which was a BIG challenge, because all I wanted to do was to dance.

THANK YOU for your patience and hard work over the weekend. Have fun with the program and rock the floor! YOU guys rock!!!

Come as you are, leave as a STAR!

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lördag 12 november 2011


Love love love!!!
What a great day! 21 people are soon ready do join The Tribe!

On my way...

Me and my shoes at The hotel, paaarty! ;-)

Looking forward to see tomorrow's presentations :)

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torsdag 10 november 2011


I´ve got a splitting, powerful and bad headache...uuu feel sorry for myself, because i can´t do nothing about it - drugs? water? sleep?.. not helpful...

onsdag 9 november 2011


Right now, the only thing I do is to work and try to learn choreography. Keep up the good work Sandy, keep up the work.

Breakfast date with Inger, Kasper, Märta, Veronica and sweety Axel 3,5 month.

Came home, put on The Ellen show and saw these wonderful girls- singing Super bass.

Love my SH'BAM™ bag

Say "cheese"

Today we did the first half of BODYJAM® 59- love it all ready!

Coming up this weekend:
- SH'BAM™ Initial training module in Malmö, Sweden


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tisdag 8 november 2011



See you tomorrow :)

Breath Sandy, Breath...

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söndag 6 november 2011

Årets guldhjärta

I går berättade Kristin att vi båda var nominerade till Årets Förebild. Jag skrattade och sa "Nej, du skojar, du måste ha drömt det. Jag har ju redan vart inne och röstat och jag såg inte mig själv" Jag åker hem och blev nyfiken, så jag klickade in på Fitnessfestivalens hemsida och ser MITT namn. MITT!!! :)

Åh herregud vad lycklig jag blev. Jag hade ingen aning om detta och trodde inte det var sant. Just nu funderar jag på vem det är som har nominerat mig, så jag kan tacka personen/personerna bakom nomineringen. Jag har en viss aning - Mölndals Sjukhus, men vem vet. :) Jag TACKAR och BUGAR för denna nominering, jag kan inte med ord beskriva hur glad jag är. Att ha börjat samarbeta med Mölndals Sjukhus är något av det bästa jag har gjort. Att varje Tisdag få dansa med dessa barn och ungdomar är glädje och lycka!

Att kunna vara med och inspirera, motivera och skapa förändring i deras vardag genom att pusha, peppa, prata, umgås, dansa och skratta tillsammans 45 minuter/veckan är lycka! Jag har en vision och det är att fler sjukhus och barnmottagningar i Västra Götalands län ska få en möjlighet att satsa, så som Mölndals Sjukhus har gjort denna termin. Att kunna erbjuda rytmik, dans och skutt för barn som är i behov av det. Det är så lite som behövs för att skapa glädje i dessa barns vardag, våga satsa pengar på våra barn och ungdomar, det är vår framtid!

Om du vill rösta, så gör du det här:

Tack för din röst :)

English version:
Happy Sandy!!!! I am nominated for this year's rolemodel, or "Golden heart".
If you know swedish you can vote here:

the Convention 2011

What a great day!

THANKS to all who participated in my class, you really rock my world!


The class had not been the same without the drummer - Johan! Wow, you know how to play/drum! Unfortunately I was busy talking with friends and co-workes so i forgot to take pictures. Bad, i know!


Les Mills colleagues Kristin and Åsa.

And Petter on the stage...BODYCOMBAT 50.



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lördag 5 november 2011

Afro party!!!

Warming up my feet, haven´t been training barefoot in a long time. I will also try to do my hair...like this:

(Pic. from a photoshoot with Fitness Magazine 2010)

See you soon the Convention :)

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