fredag 30 september 2011


The impossible became possible. I´m sick - woke up with fever. It´s unfair - i´m sad, disappointed, mad and all that. Why me? Why now? Why?

Sorry Bollnäs, I can´t make it this time. So nice to know that there are colleagues in the industry, who can sub. my classes at short notice. Than you guys for helping me, Anna and Bollnäs Ess!

Met my cousin yesterday, he said:
" It´s important to you that you, as self-employed, plan a day of rest into your weekly schedule. Otherwise you will hit the wall, faster than you think. Right now I think that you´re working every day, am I right? (Sandy - Correct....) I know that you L O V E your work, but hey, you need to take care of yourself as well. Think about it"

Oh my dear cousin, I love that you are so wise.


torsdag 29 september 2011


Look what I got!

Nike Jacket & a t-shirt! Love it!

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Intensive Wednesday!

The Afro House class went really well, jiohooo! :) Think I will change some details, but overall satisfied. After the class a sub. a BODYPUMP class, phuuu... went to bed 10.00 pm. Intensive for Sandy? Oh yes...three classes in one day, phuuu ;-) Haha

Do you want to dance more?Tonight? MTV Dance at Sportlife Almedal 5:15 pm, welcome!

Now, wash, pack, clean & prepare my class.

Ciao, S

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Kan du inte delta, men ändå vill bidra med något hör då av dig till Maria,

"Det hela började i maj 2007 när min mamma Christina fick bröstcancer och jag märkte hur maktlös man kände sig." - Maria Götesdotter

Vårt sätt att hjälpa.

Ingen kan göra allt, men alla kan göra nåt. Visst är det ett slitet gammalt talessätt, men det stämmer ju!

Så tillsammans med ett gäng kompisar har jag de senaste åren ordnat insamlingar till förmån för Rosa Bandet genom att göra nåt av det roligaste jag vet – att köra spinning. Vi ville skapa nåt halvgalet så det fick bli ett helt dygn med spinning där alla kan vara med.

Vi började i blygsam skala 2007 men redan 2008 hade vi fått ihop ett helt fantastiskt gäng på över 500 cyklister som fyllde spinningsalen under hela dygnet med glädje och svett. 2009 slog vi vårt insamlingsrekord igen och fick nästan ihop 130 000 kr – vi blev omnämnda på Rosabandet galan i Malmö som nr 1 på goda insatser i kampen mot cancer. 2010 var vårt största i både antal deltagare och insamlade pengar – smått fantastiska 200 000 kr!! Så på de 4 år vi kört detta event har vi samlat in över 500 000 kr – alla pengar har gått rakt till Cancerfondens Rosa Bandet kampanj.

Vi behöver DIN hjälp!

Vi ses den 8-9 oktober!

Maria Götesdotter, Grundaren till Rosa Dygnet. Även instruktör på Sportlife, Region i Göteborg.

tisdag 27 september 2011

Fightline Pure Shake 100%

Look what I found on the shelves at the gym - new protein shake. Or no, it´s just the 'powder' in it and then you add the water. Easy, smart and good to have in your bag! Maybe not so cheap, 25 kr/serving...

Dont´t now if you can get this product outside sweden!?

Strawberry/Raspberries, Wild berry, Banana/Chocolate, Vanilla/bluberry.

Today´s job: 1 private class, LM Evaluation and tonight Afro House Xplosion at Sportlife Almedal.

Hello Wednesday :)

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Hallo, Hi, Hola, Bonjour, Hei, Cześć, привет

How is your day? My day started really well....Date with my soul mate, Inger and my boy, Kasper. :) Straight to a meeting, a very interesting one, lets see what the future have to offer.

Now, at home, preparing my two private classes I have tonight. Looking forward to meet the kidz. (just need to call them kidz with a 'Z', because they are so cool. :) )

Enjoy your day, beautiful YOU!

måndag 26 september 2011

Bollnäs are U ready?


Are u ready?

Friday 30/9

Saturday 1/10
10.15 Afro House Xplosion

13.30 MTV Dance - Michael Jackson


See you in just four days!

Welcome home bro!

Hope you had an nice weekend! I´ve worked, been at a B-day party and yesterday my brother came home, after four weeks in US. ( NY, S.F, Seattle, Vegas, LA and NY). My god, so nice to have you home again, I´ve missed you so much! My sweet brother!

One of the presents, Victoria´s Secret

My brother and his friend, Mattias, lived at Malin and Erik´s place during their stay in Seattle. And of course they went to see Seattle Sounders FC - Unfortunate Erik was injured during the game. Now, I´m a supporter as well...haha...

I overslept TWO f*cking hours this morning, so now i really need to start work. nice to be self-employed, sometimes. :)

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lördag 24 september 2011

I need you there!

Next week i'm running two rehearsal classes at Sportlife Almedal, do not miss it!

Wednesday: 17.15
Afro House Xplosion

Thursday: 17:15
MTV Dance- Michael Jackson Beat it

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fredag 23 september 2011

Friday party!!!

Sportlife Ullevi!!! Are your ready for BODYJAM® THE FUTURE FUNK OF PARIS?

Time to dance!

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I got the recipe from my Les Mills colleague Annika Sjöö. And I can tell you, it was so good! Or not so good as a 'normal' chocalate muffin, but hey almost NO carbs - what can you expect?

125 grams melted butter.
4 eggs
3 dl Almond flour
1 dl Agave syrup
4 tablespoons Cocoa
1 teaspoon Vanilla powder (not the suger!!!!)
2 teas. baking powder
1 tablespoon Fiberhusk. (Gluten free)

1. Whip eggs and agave syrup and then pour in the butter
2. Mix in the remaining ingredients.
3. Pour into muffin cups
4. In the oven for about 15 minutes. 200 degrees.

torsdag 22 september 2011


Today i did muffins without carbs! Recipe coming tomorrow....stay tuned!

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Thursday morning, sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffe and trying to wake up. Have a meeting, with Sportlife, in an hour. Today we really need to select the music for the spring courser - and then OF COURSE my lovely BODYPUMP lunch class....Jihooo! Good day!

See you soon!

onsdag 21 september 2011

Thank you!!!

Good work today! Love you!

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Grocery shopping

How can you not love food? Passion #2 for Sandy: food!

Fresh, healthy and tasty food
is my 'type'.

What about you? ;-)

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Soon lunch

In the oven...fresh salmon

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Dance is my passion and JOB!


Bad update, i know. Yesterday, I choreography the whole day for my kids and youth classes. Every tuesday I have dance classes for children 6-9 year & 10-13 year who are overweight (or at risk for overweight) and need an extra push. This is a collaboration with a hospital in Mölndal ( Few kilometers from Gothenburg). That´s what I will do during ten weeks and I love it. I hope I can motivate these young people to a healthy life and of course 'dance joy'.

This is my every-day-breakfast:
Oat porridge, 1/2 banana, linseed and cinnamon.
2 eggs.

Right now i listen to my music for my afro house class next week - by DJ Daniel. i can tell you: INSANE!!!

Time to dance! Ciaoooo

tisdag 20 september 2011

måndag 19 september 2011


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Out walking

The Swedish forest!

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Monday lunch

Today I had some free time so I cooked a really good lunch - whole chicken in the oven. Yuuuumi!

Today, I used these spices:

1 Lemon
red onion
salt & pepper
butter inside & outside the chicken

I served it with chicken jelly (juice..gravy??) and beetroot.

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New week!

Start the day by evaluating a few license movies....later on will start to choreograph a MTV Dance class and of course teach my lovely monday class, BODYJAM

® , at Sportlife Almedal. Today me and Cornelia will Team-teach, because this week we are launching the new Les Mills releases. I have teach


® The future funk of paris for almost five weeks, but it´s always fun to team-teach!

See you there?

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söndag 18 september 2011


Tapas at El Corazon

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First Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Winner. $1,000,000

MY GOD!!!!! Haha

Have you booked a place?

SATURDAY 5 of november!

If not;

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lördag 17 september 2011


Friday night! Yum yum!

I used Almond flour and Agave syrup instead of sugar and flour. Can you imagien the taste of Caramel....Mmmm

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fredag 16 september 2011

Change of plans this friday!

The job in Trollhättan was postponed, so instead of doing nothing I visited my best Inger at her classes - Cycling 30 min and CXWORX . friday! :) Enjoy!

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Tack vackra kvinna!

Best Friday Ever!

As you already know, last week I quit my job as a 'Children & Youth Coordinator at Sportlife (Almost the same as a Group Fitness Manager..) This was a very big step to take - because I have worked for Sportlife in almost seven years. But I know, now, that it was the right decision. I still Cooperate with Sportlife both as an instructor, in the 'development team' and also as a new choreographer and trainer in their new Children and Youth activity - Lunched Spring 2012.

Except Sportlife I have a few projects coming up with my own business and of course Les Mills. Do I have the best job ever -sorry to say, YES I HAVE :)

So today i met my former co-worker Mikaela, which is now the big boss for Sportlife Sweden- Children & Youth. Kindest woman worldwide!

AND she gave me a bye-bye- and -thank- you -gift. A gift card from the best shop ever - FIORUCCI!!!!!
Thank you Mikaela and Sportlife - i´m the happiest girl ever!

Beauty itself!

Lucky/ S

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Friday meetings

Without Nike clothes :)

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torsdag 15 september 2011

Thank you Sportlife Jönköping

'the' workshop is done! Nice to meet the staff and all the instructors from Jönköping.

Time to go home to Gothenburg again!

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Short lunch on the balcony

...and the sun is here :) yay!

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Good morning

Hope you´re having a really lovely week! Sorry....forgot to take photos yesterday..and give you an update!

Had an awesome day, yesterday. At lunch I had a private class for a company- in sweden we say "Business class", think you understand!? :) So funny to do private classes sometimes- meet new people and make new contacts, important for the future.

Yesterday, before my BODYJAM class, I decided to do extra training. I did heavy deadlift, leg curl+back lift with a ball and core training. Aaoooouchhh!
Soreness in the back of the thigh??? Ooo hell yeah! So nice to teach my lunch BODYPUMP later on, or not!? :)

Still having a tiny cold - so from now on I start the day drink a glass of Holistic reds. Hope that will cure me!

Good morning beautiful people around the world!

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tisdag 13 september 2011


Time goes too fast....iiii...

The meeting with the DJ went really good, my god - can´t wait to teach my Afro house class in october.

Daniel had already made me a playlist - called "House to Sandra". Thats how we work...

Late lunch...

Now, private dance classes...


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Best monday!

Look at this big boy, now 1 year old! Happy b-day to you Kasper!!

Of course I finished my day with an awesome BODYJAM class. Before the class i got this lovely muffins from one of the members, sweet Emma! Thank you for always taking care of me! How can I not love my job?

Next up: Meeting with DJ Daniel.


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