onsdag 31 augusti 2011

I'm ready for Jam, baby

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Wednesday luxury

I loooooove to do something special during the week. And becuase i never have the time to go out during the week...or ok...I agree i´m talking like a old one, i DO have the time, but very often i tend to be very tired in the evening after a long day at work and teaching classes, alright, fair? :) So instead of going out, i love to cook a very luxury dinner. I love to spend money on food - luxury food and ecological. So today I decided to by meet from Mannerström´s - the owner is one of the best cook in Sweden, Leif Mannerström. Also one of the judges in Master Chef Sweden 2011.

The lunch was far away from luxury, but i do now that i´m gonna eat a holy-smashing-dinner, in just a few hours.

Super Saturday in three days....

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GOOD morning

Aaooocchh.....my body.... Sore

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tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Happy Sandy

Wow, I just love BODYCOMBAT®!! After a long day with Office work i decided to go visit my lovely Co-worker, Ylva, at Sportlife Kållered. So sad that i don't have the time to take the class more often! Love to fight :)

Jab & Cross
/ Sandy

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måndag 29 augusti 2011

Beautiful monday

Starting my day with some Office work at Sportlife Almedal. Haven't been there for a few days, nice to see everyone. After lunch it was time to take care of my of my hair at Jenny's place, " 42 m2 Klippoteket". Love you Jenny, always nice to meet you. And GOOD Luck with your new 'salon' (word??).

Love it! Feeling fresh...ööö...or something :)

This is my favourite: Bed Head. Expensive, but i need, i'm a girl :)

Coffee time and then BODYJAM® rehearsal....you don't want to miss the class today! ;-)

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BODYJAM® The Future funk of Paris

Are you ready to dance?
18.05 Sportlife Almedal

The Future funk of Paris

is in the house!

söndag 28 augusti 2011

Yum yum

Spare ribs!!!

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Is it Sunday?

F*ck.... the time goes by so fast!
Breakfast, Coffee, cleaning and BODYJAM rehearsal. How's your day?

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lördag 27 augusti 2011


Long breakfast and BODYJAM® rehearsal in the livingroom. Then a Coffee with my soulmate Inger and of cours my boy, Kasper. 11 month and already an iphone-fan. Haha

After lunch- visit my gym for BODYPUMP® training and some extra coreball training....need to be in shape next week. ;-) or?

Dinner time!

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Yucky dream

Woke up 3.00 am this morning and jump off the bed, since I thought it was a B I G spider in my bed. I run to the kitchen and found a bottle of AJAX ('cleaning-liquid' - word? spelling?) I run back to the bed, ready to kill it, but couldn´t find it. I realized that it was, just, a very scary dream. Fuck fuck fuck!

Do you know why I was dreaming? Last night (friday) I found this gigantic spider at my mum and dad´s house...scary ehy?

Morning coffee!

fredag 26 augusti 2011

Work and bye-bye party!

Have been at a 'planning' meeting all day long at Sportlife Backaplan. I can only say, watch out! As you might not know, I will be working as an choreographer in 'this' new project. Can't tell anything about it, yet.

Time for a bye-bye dinner with my family. My little brother is going to US tomorrow, for four weeks...ooo gonna miss you!
First destination; New York and then a flight over to Seattle- visit my cousin and her boy Erik. Or as you call him in US, Freeburg :) best player in Seattle Sounders!

Of course, Swedish west coast prawns, from my town Gothenburg!

Plz US take care of my bro!


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torsdag 25 augusti 2011


Look what i found at my mum and dad's place- brother working out!

Keep Going! :)

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onsdag 24 augusti 2011


58 is in the house
Love it!

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Healthy home-made cookies

Healthy snack before or after your training!

1 dl (decilitre) oats
1/2 dl raisin (right word?)
1/2 dl minced apricots
1 dl Sesamen seed
1/2 dl Linseed
1/2 dl Sunflower seed
1 dl shredded coconut
3-5 tablespoon Cacao

1 dl melt butter
0,75 dl Rape oil
2 eggs

Mix everything together and than drop the mixture on the oven paper.

In the oven for about 7-15 min, 175-200 degrees. It depends on the oven...At the end you want them to be like cookies :)


Ooh lala!

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tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Are U ready?

I´ll see you in 11 days, can´t wait!
Fully booked - it´s craaaaaazy!

måndag 22 augusti 2011

Oh boy I've missed you

From now on you need to book every monday (18.05) and wednesday (17.15).

Fall is here and I hope you are ready for BODYJAM®. Because I am.

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söndag 21 augusti 2011

Back home

What a great weekend in Copenhagen! 9 new BODYJAM® instructors in the world!

Pics, before BODYJAM® battle.

Team Funky monkeys (danish girls)

Team Swedish Energy 'MOB' ( Swedish girls)

It's easy to love my work. :)

Good work girls, you where amazing!!

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Rise & Shine

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lördag 20 augusti 2011


I´m back after a long day. Something very funny..or scary...happened when I came back to the hotel. I talked to the receptionist about my credit card (to tired to explain...why) and very soon he start to shout out different sounds. Like "Hiiii". I´m standing there and don´t know what to do - scary or funny? I will say scary. Very soon I realized that he must have Tourette's syndrome. Brave (poor) guy!!!

Pics. from today:

Ending the day with some BODYPUMP training - me myself and I. Very nice!

LOvE & PeAcE!

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Good morning

Hello Denmark :)

Lets rock this weekend!

Love Roomservice

Saturday-day 2- here we go!!

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fredag 19 augusti 2011


Hej på er!

Ligger i sängen och försöker blogga i från mobilen, vilket jag inte lyckas med - ngt fel på internet, så det får bli en snabbis via datorn (ja fråga mig inte varför det funkar på datorn) Precis landat på hotellet efter en lång dag. Väl på hotellet, trött som bara den och endast ätit en smörgås, lite keso, en bar och lite nötter under dagen, står och checkar in och receptionisten säger:

"Här får du lite vatten"

Jag "Heeee? Varför?
Rec: " Vattnet är förorenat i hela köpenhamn. Du ska inte dricka det, då det finns höga halter av e-coli bakterien."
Jag: " Säger ni det nu, efter att ha druckit två flaskor under dagen.
Rec " Äh, ja....hur ska jag kunna veta"
Jag " Ha, ää..nänä, jag menade inte så, men ja, tack då.

Vad fan tänkte jag? Har ju förtusan befunnit mig på ett gym 5km därifrån och jag säger "säger du det nu...". Haha mycket som kan komma ut i från min mun när kroppen har gått in i svält och saknar sömn. För övrigt, tror jag att jag har sjukt ont i magen nu, håll tummarna att det bara är psyket som spökar. Jag får intala mig att jag är superfrisk. Hoppas inte några deltagare har insjuknat. Fy - vem vill vakna med diarré i morgon, inte jag iaf.

Nä dags att krypa ner i sängen och se lite webbtv. Saknar min kille och min säng. Men å andra sidan har jag haft en riktigt bra dag och jag ser fram emot att få se morgondagens presentationer.

Sussa gott mina vänner!

torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Change of plans

Going to Copenhagen tomorrow.
BODYJAM® initial training coming up. Looking forward to it :)

I'm ready to dance, are u?

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onsdag 17 augusti 2011

Rehearsal BODYJAM®

Last time, tonight, we will dance BODYJAM®57!

Sportlife Almedal 17.15

See ya!

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tisdag 16 augusti 2011

Men grattis då

Brorsan har vart skadad ett tag och har inte kunnat träna. Så en av alla mina födelsedagspresenter var ett träningspass.

Det går att utföra rätt mycket med en altan, hantlar och matta. Jag kan säga så här, det var längesen jag såg någon darra så mycket i plankan.

Good work bro!

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Happy B-Day Bro!

22 years today! Love you! (old pic)

This is our sense of humour!

Love you! / Sis

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Yay, I made it! BODYPUMP® training done! Stronger than ever....hmmm...naa, lets see tomorrow!

Happy feet :)

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måndag 15 augusti 2011


Been sick since last tuesday and today was the first day I felt - I´M BACK!!! Worked for a few hours and then went for a short run ( 40 min) in the forest and did some strenght. Do you know what - I feel free, a live and happy = 100% endorphin. Tomorrow I will try a BODYPUMP class and on wednesday, I hope, I will be back in business. Teaching BODYJAM at the very first time in five weeks - oooh boy I have missed you!

Sweet dreams!



Love my own food! Good stuff, hell yeah!

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lördag 13 augusti 2011

Congrats. NZ!

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Denna veckan skulle bli en riktig kick-off vecka.

1. Skulle börja instruera klasser
2. Skulle börja öva LM koreografi
3. Skulle börja koreografera och planera inför projektet med Mölndals kommun.

Inget av det har jag kunnat göra, fyllt ut, pga. detta äckliga och jobbiga virus som spökar i min kropp. Känner dock, peppa-peppar, att jag är på bättringsväg. Mycket piggare, mindre ont i halsen, inte så snorig och allmänt 'pigg'. Dessvärre har jag nu, istället, åkt på en riktigt slemhosta-som alltid kommer på morgonen och kvällen. URK!!!!

Min plan är fortsätta i mitt lugna tempo och förhoppningsvis kan jag börja om från början på måndag!

Sitter en stund i solen med en kaffe och drömmer mig bort....

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