söndag 29 januari 2012

fredag 27 januari 2012

l a z y

Calm morning. Tired, lazy .... allow me to feel like this for a while. I usually take it easy on Fridays, sleep in, if I´ll work on Saturday. My body needs to relax at least one day/week.

Soon I will put my teeth in the washing and cleaning. Urk...boring i know, but so nice when it´s done. I love the smell of 'clean' and when things are at the right place - not messy.

Do you have any plans for today? For the weekend?

torsdag 26 januari 2012

Ny forskning

Ny forskning har påvisat att rött kött och charkuteriprodukter (som bl.a. innehåller nitrosaminer, som är cancer framkallande) är cancerframkallande, rämst tjocktarms- och ändtarmscancer. Det är den tredje vanligaste cancerformen i Sverige som drabbar ungefär 6 000 människor varje år. Forskare verkar helt överens om dessa risker och förespråkar nu att dra ner konsumtionen av
rött kött.

Jag personligen älskar rött kött, en hrälig stek, saftig oxfilé, bacon, nötfärs...men jag ska verkligen se över min kost. SJÄLVKLART vet jag att det kommer ut en massa rekommendationer dagligen om vad man ska äta och inte äta. Jag glömmer aldrig när forskare gick ut med att vi ska helt sluta äta chips, för att det är cancerframkallande. Jag menar, hur många slutade äta chips? Kanske under två-tre månader, sedan glömde man av det och började äta igen. Så är det alltid.

Men denna forskning verkar väldigt pålitlig och att majoriteten av forskarna säg det samma, bevisar trovärdigheten i denna forskning. Det är också mer miljövänligt att minska köttproduktionen, så varför inte ta en funderare!?

Ät mer av: Fisk/skaldjur, fågel, vilt eller vegetariskt. Och ekologisk/närproducerat.

Jag tror inte att jag helt kommer att sluta äta rött kött, men jag ska verkligen lägga in mer fisk och fågel i min kost - mat jag faktiskt älskar. Var förbi fiskbilen i förrgår och köpte på mig lite torsk och lax, super smarrigt!

Vad väljer du? Vart står du i frågan?

Hello Motiva!

Looking forward to go down to Skåne on Saturday, where I will teach two classes (BODYJAM® and SH'BAM) at Motiva Sportsclub. Leon Hobro will teach CXWORX™ and BODYCOMBAT®. They have 'open house' for all their members and curious people, who hopefully want to sign up for a membership. Free training for all!

The girl on the brochure, participated in the reality show / adventure program "Robinson in 2010" and came far in the competition. She will speak about "Life on the Island".

Think it will be a good day! See you soon Motiva!

onsdag 25 januari 2012

A mixed day!

A perfect day: Work in the morning, then I went to my lovely hairdresser Jenny - who also work as an instructor at Sportlife.

a quick visit at the grocery store - need to by milk, soya milk and bananas. So how is it that I always come out with one or two extra bags, it´s always the same. I mean I live, just, 2 minutes from a grocery store. I think I am afraid to come home one day, hungry, and not being able to cook because all food is gone- é finita...

What about you, do you like to have a full fridge?

Soon BODYJAM, yay!

tisdag 24 januari 2012

My angels!

Coffee, walk in the sun and lunch with my angels, Inger & Kasper, today!


Fascinating phenomen

Alright, listen to this. Every time I go to a BODYCOMBAT class the instructor say, during Jab & Cross " It´s important that you extend your arm the whole way and at the same time lift your heel and twist the body" (something like that...) They also, everytime, show HOW to do and explain WHY it´s so important to do that. So i´m asking myself, how come is it so normal that almost every girl stand in front of the mirror, jumping on their toes and and just punch half-way? It looks like they are doing aerobic. They skip twist the heel, so they can get the power from the hip and at the same time rotate so the arm can stretch the whole way and then with the same power pull it back.

I know it´s hard to do everything correct, and I'm not saying that everyone must have the correct technique to participate at a BODYCOMBAT class, of course NOT. But if you try to follow, maybe ask the instructor after the class - HOW TO DO, you will get much better results from your training. I´m not a professional , but trying to imitate the motions for best results. If i don´t understand i´m asking the instructor.

It´s your training and you pay for it. Take control, and get an effective workout.


måndag 23 januari 2012

Swedish Cracker "Knäckebröd"

Crispbread LCHF

1 cup Linseed
1 cup sesame seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds / pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon fiberhusk (Powdered psyllium seed coat)
0.75 cups water

Mix all ingredients. Let swell for 5 min. Spread on a baking sheet (oven paper under).Into the oven, 150 degrees for about 50 min.

Butter and cheese on :)


Yesterday, i woke up to a snowy Stockholm...beautiful...but now I longing for spring to come. Bye bye snow!

A Coffee is 'a must' after breakfast, lunch and dinner in Sandy life. The Coffee is like the oil in the car.

Jade, my assistant during the training manage to lift the handlebars, and after we had big problems to get it back. But with a little extra girl power so it went.
Learning: Do not touch things you can not handle

I know what you´re thinking right now: Sandy can you please try to take better pictures. YES, I will try. But i often take pictures in a hurry...that´s why. Sorry for that, shape up!

Now i´m back in Gothenburg, always nice to sleep in my own bed. This week I will start choreographing to my children and youth classes, at the hospital, that starts next week. Saturday i´m going to Skåne (Southern Sweden), Motiva Sportclub and teach to promotion classes, BODYJAM® and SH´BAM™ and my colleague Leon Hobro will teach two classes as well, CXWORX™ and BODYCOMBAT®.

Ciao /Sandy

söndag 22 januari 2012

A Butter message to the USA!

Haha..."pussycats in english" My god!

Day 1

Had a really good day at the Sportlife Östermalm (central Stockholm). A small, cool and humble group of nine girls.

Yesterday, we went through: the development of children, some choreography, technique and pedagogy. They also did their first presentation.

Now eating breakfast at the Hotel and prepering for day 2 and the last day of the module.

lördag 21 januari 2012

fredag 20 januari 2012

Friday love!

Back home after a walk, in a freezing cold Gothenburg. It's so nice to go for a walk when you need to clear your mind and at the same time get some fresh air. Now, soon dinner and for the dessert: Ben & Jerry- yeah it's friday, let us celebrate!!! :-)

Work in Stockholm the whole weekend, so tomorrow morning (early) I'm heding to the airport....swiiiiich!


The Recipe

6 eggs
1 cup Sukrin. (instead of suger.)
150 grams of melted butter
A jar of sour cream (250 grams)
0.75 cup Cocoa
2 cups Coconut Flour
2 teaspoons baking powder

Beat eggs and sukrin. Pour in the melted butter. Mix all dry ingredients and then pour in the batter.

Bake in an oblong sugar-shape, with parchment. Bake for about 40 min, at 175 degrees.


6 ägg
1 dl Sukrin.
150 gram smält smör
En burk creme fraiche (250 gram)
0,75 dl Kakao
2 dl Kokosnötsmjöl
2 tsk bakpulver

Vispa ägg och sukrin. Häll i det smälta smöret. Blanda alla torra ingredienser och sedan häll i det i smeten, blanda runt.

Grädda i en avlång sockerform, med bakplåtspapper under. Grädda i ca 40 min, i 175 grader.

torsdag 19 januari 2012

onsdag 18 januari 2012

Hello Twitter friends!

Follow me on Twitter...so I get the chance to know you a little bit better!


<3 see you there

您好 = Hello in Chinese? привет = Hello in Russian?

Today's missions:

Printing invoices
Errends on the town

Picked up package from Rawfood (as....Shirataki noodles and other goodies...mmm)

Cooked lunch - Low Carb Burger and I can tell you it's so good. Try it! Skip the white bread, You Do not Need it.

Cooked a 'snack' - Swedish skagenröra. Sour cream, mayonnaise, dill, salt, choppedonion, pepper and crayfish tails. Serve with avocado.

Soon time to teach BODYJAM, are you in? Come and shake that a** with me!
Hope you´re having a really good day!

Take care of you and your loved ones!

tisdag 17 januari 2012

Right now: Handball European Championship 2012

Today i sub. a SH'BAM™ class at Sportlife Kållered, 1 mil south of Gothenburg. A very nice and warmly club. I think it was around 50 hot ladies in the studio today, Wiihooo!

When I came home I made world's easiest pizza...

'Bottom' Lebanese flatbread ( Liba-bread) then add on: tomato paste, turkey, tomato, onion and mozzarella.

Into the oven, 225 degrees, 15 minutes. DINNER TIME! :-)

lunch in five!

Don't have the time....but it works for now :-)

At my mum and dad's place!

Working hard Today! So nice to change the environment sometimes.