måndag 31 oktober 2011

SH´BAM™ Initial training

17 new SH`BAM™ stars, ready to rock the world!

The weekend has been A W E S O M E! Spend it with 17 lovely girls and of course my gorgeous Åsa! Just love to work with Åsa, she is the most spontaneous lady in the world - and I just LOVE her! Lots of love, but that´s how i work ....

Picked up Åsa saturday morning who had put her food in a pot, that´s more than spontaneous for me...haha, oooh my god! In the middle of gothenburg city, saturday morning, nike clothes and walking around with food in a pot....that´s my girl, Åsa! How can you not love her!

When i got home, Tomas decided to go buy luxury ice cream (Rocky Road) from Lejonet och Björnen. This time a bought 5 L for 407 kr (that´s 42.87 Euro) expensive...i know!

In Sweden we say " Practice makes perfect"

Happy after 2 lovely days together

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lördag 29 oktober 2011

I'm alive

Update tomorrow.... :)

This is how it gets when you're busy :)

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fredag 28 oktober 2011

Vegetarian or not?

Yesterday I thought about eating vegetarian food, mostly because I had nothing at home. So I started to do my salad- regular salad, red onion, cheese and different beans.

But after i found the bacon in the fridge, i decided to go all in, again. It´s hard to start eating vegetarian food, mostly because i´m afraid not to be satisfied/full up (word?). But i can tell you the salad was really good!

1. Coffee with grandma, grandpa and aunt. Later
2. Prepare SH´BAM Initial, tomorrow we gonna dance the roof off at Sportlife Lindholmen.

Have a good day!
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torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Enjoy life

I´m well and healthy, lucky me! Humans have a tendency to complain, complain for nothing. It feels like we never get satisfied, true?

Think of all those people who are badly treated, have protracted illness, is ill etc. Think about the people who are homeless, don´t have enough money to buy food....the list is long...

Yes i´m sad, because my love is in hospital, because he has a bad flu. And because he is so little, he need some extra help and i´m sure he is on his feet very soon.

My second youngest cousin broke his hand two weeks ago - Jakob get well soon! And my youngest cousin Fanny also has a flu - but not so bad as Kasper´s.

Ooh lord, let the children stay healthy!!

Hood? Not yet, but soon. It started to rain yesterday, on my why home, after class.


Today´s: Don´t complain, be happy and enjoy life!


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tisdag 25 oktober 2011

A short one!

Hi there!

I know, not even a sound in one day from me. Sorry for that. Have so much to do, right now, and sometimes I don´t know how to organize my time/day, like the last 24hours. I´m looking for structure...help me..uuu..

Yesterday I held a workshop for the municipality of Mölndal, very interesting and fun. I just love to integrate with people and always looking forward to it. Went directly to my BODYJAM class, where we did both BJ 57 and BJ 58. Next week we will start work with BJ 59, wiiihooo!

Guess what I surprised my love with.....flowers, dark chocolate and of course a birthday gift. A heart rate monitor, Forerunner 305. He got extremely happy.....naaaw :)

Today: Private classes.

See ya,

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måndag 24 oktober 2011


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söndag 23 oktober 2011

Where are we?

Took the wrong way....plz take me home!

In the middle of nowere...iiii

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Hello from Karlstad

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Live from Karlstad

Espresso, yum!

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lördag 22 oktober 2011

Family time

L.O.V.E you bro! Time for a walk in the forest!

Our summer cottage, beautiful!
Architect: My love

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fredag 21 oktober 2011

Dinner time!

Homemade Pie! Yummiiii!

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Hello Weekend!!!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?
Tonight I will relax and hang out with my love, who have been away for two days - with his work, that's why me, Inger and Kasper had a date yesterday, because both our men was out of town. Hard-working-men, means more "free time" for the ladies...haha :) No that's not true, you now that I work really hard, don't you?

On Sunday the "Choreographer team" will go to Karlstad to film the children and youth dance courses of spring 2012, it's pre-choreographed classes for Sportlife Sweden.

Looking forward to meet the ladies and work, always nice to hang out with the 'team'.

Talk to you soon.

Disfrute de la noche/Sandy

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Girls night!

Spent the evening with my favourites, Inger & Kasper.

Quality time for sure!

Dessert- coffee and four (!!!!) pieces of dark choclate...which is good for your heart, I´ve heard...lucky me ;-)

How can you not love my guy, Kasper :) Now 1 year and 1 month...cutie

Got some gossip magazines home with me...so i think i will jump into bed and read now :)

Sweet dreams, friends!


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Human Nature

- Ben Irwin

Sometimes life takes a different turn, sometimes a detour sometimes not. But,remember, to always follow your heart.

Live your life as if it were the last day of your life

Challange yourself and grow - challanges is the only way to learn more about yourself.

You´re not alone

Follow you´re gut feeling

- Bob Marley

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Happy me!

How can you not L O V E BODYJAM®

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Live from my living room- choreographing!
On sunday we´re going to Karlstad to film everything.....I need to speed up the work!

Work it baby, work it! Phhuuu.. :)

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tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Think twice

Hi, how are you?

Last week I cleaned out my closet. Instead of throwing clothes i choose to give them away to people who need it more than I do. So here I am, at my mom's place and she has promised me to take care of it. Just L O V E to give away things - love to see people get happy for 'nothing'. Or, it's nothing in my world, who can afford buy clothes, but alot for them. You can also make a change- think twice before you throw things.

Love/ S

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måndag 17 oktober 2011


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söndag 16 oktober 2011

B-day dinner!

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Ended the day at Sankt Jörgens Park Resort, to celebrate the gorgeous Inger!

Cool Piano bar

yum yum!

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lördag 15 oktober 2011


Fiorucci for the ladies! the one and only store!

And a little more cheaper store for the boys! More money left for the girls...hihi :)

New clothes from head to toe. Twist & Tango & Raer

Yes I bought more, but don't have the time to show you right now.

2 h rest, then dinner! :)


Ciao/ Sandy

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