onsdag 7 mars 2012

Hej = Hello!

Time flies away, what happens... a blog post per week, bad sandy bad! Just haven´t had the time and energy to write. Sometimes you just need to focus on other things in life. As you saw in the the last blog spot, i had an AWESOME weekend with family and best friends. Last three days I have worked with different things;

1. Assessments -I´m so happy to see the swedish instructors that have the courage to developed. Right now i work a lot with nordic´s SH´BAM assessments and the swedish instructors are technically very good, use good instructions and very easy to follow. I think in Sweden the instructors work really hard and good 'students' during the basic training. They listen and take feedback good, which makes me proud. We definitely keep a high standard.

2. Meeting with Sportlife. We have started to plan this autumn's children and youth courses. Right now we are looking for good music to all courses.

3. Teached my wonderful children and youth courses, i have at the hospital. I just love this job and the possibility I have "to make a change".

Upcoming: BODYJAM QW in Gotenburg this saturday, looking forward to meet the BJ crew!

See you soon, i hope :) That´s my goal!

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